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Resources for Family Enterprise Governance & Leadership Across Generations

Current Activities

Financial Advisor Magazine

In Keep It In The Family Financial Advisor Magazine features Dennis Jaffe’s findings Good Fortune: Building the 100 Year Family Enterprise. Of special note by the magazine, the research provides specific information and their details in order to create a family culture and governance system beyond the first 3 generations of a family.

Tools and Resources

The Values Edge

The Values Edge employs Values Cards to help an individual, couple, family or team to define their Personal Values Pyramid, and then work together to create a Family or Team Values Statement.

Each kit includes a deck of values cards, along with colored post-it stickers for transferring values to a Display Card that preserves your Values Pyramid in a visible format that can be worn as a name card. By sharing personal values arranged in colorful pyramids, people in a family or a work team can easily experience their similarities and differences.

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Family Enterprise Competency Map

This new 50-question on-line learning tool allows each family member to respond to questions about family relationships and business-financial arrangements to create a shared picture of the family enterprise. It can be used by a family on their own, or with their family advisor, as they create cross-generational governance.

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